If you hold an associate or equivalent, bachelor’s, or higher degree from a nationally accredited college or university, you can join AAUW as an individual (member-at-large) or as a member of one of AAUW’s 1,000 branches.  Branch members also belong to the national organization.

If you are an undergraduate in a two- or four-year regionally accredited educational institution, you can join as a student affiliate of a branch or a student-at-large.

Dues 2019-2020

New/renewing members: $78 dues ($59 National dues + $10 state + $9 branch)
Provides membership from 7/1/19 through 6/30/20. 
Student Affiliate dues: $30.81 ($18.81 National dues + $3 state + $9 branch)
Member-at-large (MAL) dues: $59.00
Life membership dues: $1180 one-time dues for MAL membership
– OR –
$1180 one-time National membership with state and branch dues paid annually.

Every member is expected to fulfill their Branch hospitality obligation by choosing a hosting
committee option (Membership VP can explain the options). If it is not possible for you to comply, add $15.00 to your membership dues.


Please complete the attached brochure and send with your payment to:

Membership VP
Riverside Branch AAUW
c/o 195 Olmsted Road
Riverside, IL 60546