Local Scholarships

Essay Contest

During March seventh graders at Hauser and St. Mary schools write essays on women in history who have interested, inspired or surprised them.  This contest focuses attention on women and their accomplishments and encourages writing skills, which are an important part of achievement development.

Ann Willard Arts Scholarship

The Ann Willard Scholarship is given in memory of Ann Willard who served as Branch President from 1988-1990.  The scholarship focuses on the love of fine arts and citizenship.  This scholarship is given yearly to one or more young women from Riverside-Brookfield High School, with each recipient receiving a certificate and a check.  Over $12,000 has been given out in scholarships to over 30 young women.

STEM Fields of Study Grant
The STEM grant is given to a young woman from Riverside-Brookfield High School who plans to major in science, technology, engineering or math.


(Anti-Drug and Violence Awareness For New Choices and Endeavors)

AAUW supports at least one or two junior high young adults on a three-day experiential education opportunity at Bradford Woods, affiliated with Indiana University.  This program helps students increase their understanding of themselves and gain tools to problem solve for positive, healthy life choices.

Returning to Learning Grant

This grant is given to a woman who is returning to college to complete her undergraduate degree.